TOP 3 Smartphone Gimbals of 2019!

✔️ Zhiyun Smooth Q2:
✔️ DJI Osmo Mobile 3:

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Time to take a look at the three BEST smartphone gimbals of 2019!

It’s been an exciting year about smartphone gimbals, and they have become smarter, more portable, more durable, and some of them – Pliabil!
This video is meant to help you choosing the best one suiting your needs.
Feel free to suggest other brands and devices that didn’t make it to the chart using the comments below.

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✔️ Zhiyun Smooth Q2 (NOI):
✔️ Zhiyun Smooth Q2:
✔️ DJI Osmo Mobile 3 (NOI):
✔️ DJI Osmo Mobile 3:
✔️ Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus (NOI):
✔️ Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus:
🔹 Professional Comica Microphone:
🔹 GoPro/Osmo Action Gimbal Plate:

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34 Comentarii
  1. I think moza mini s is the best. Considering the price.

  2. I am planning to take Moza mini S. What do you suggest me. Can i take that.

  3. @tech4all thanks for the video, I just bought the Q2the face/object tracking does not work; spins aimlessly after applying the target box. Did you experience this?

  4. I have iPhone 11 so which is better for me?

  5. Grozav video. Please ans my 2 întrebări.
    1. If you were to choose between DJI O3 and Q2 which one would you pick?
    2. Does DJI O3(OSMO) has better stabilization ?

  6. Despite the great gimbals like the Osmo, most of the footage in the video was still shaky as if it was filmed handheld, especially the beach shot. I don't think it's until they introduce 4-axis stabilization (like on a steady cam) that the gimbals will truly be how they were intended. Super smooth.

  7. Can you attach the action camera and still retain all the functionality of the gimbal, because presumably your using the GP app to control the GP and the gimbal app to control the gimbal. How do they work in concert?

  8. I tried hohemyou will spend more time trying (!) to set it up then use it. I do not recommend it.

  9. Hi Mate! Are you SURE?? I thought the SMOOTH Q2 had a trigger you hold down for Sports Mode?
    Have you done a review of the SNOPPA ATOM against the SMOOTH Q2 and OSMO Mobile 3???
    I thought OSMO had a terrible Android App that does not allow you to use 60% of functionality??? (2019 Aug Review)
    Can you please confirm your choice irrespective of price?
    Thanks Mate! Noroc! 😀 🙂

  10. I just went to CES 2020 jan 9th and hit up all companies with smartphone gimble not one of them could fit my samsung note 10+ with the otterbox case. You say take it out of the case, well think about that do you want to take your phone out of the case everytime to use for the gimble? Not me when all the designers needed to do was take this issue into consideration. Sorry I wont be buying one until they improve the design.

  11. brica b steady pro seems very similar look and features to the 3rd gimbal..

  12. You plan on making a updated one for early 2020?

  13. Great information, I still can’t decide which one to choose from the three you has reviewed. That reason is because they all offer something different to offer

  14. Which one is the best for vlogging example the city (not face )?

  15. I currently have the Hohem and it’s quite good. Still trying to get used to the filming on my iPhone 11. This is my first time filming actions shots for sports. It’s a great quality product

  16. very nice,
    i just got note 10+
    im confused which gimbal to get since i have 0 experience in gimbal.

    may i have advice 🙏

  17. Was great watching these comparisons. Watching from Kenya

  18. What be a good one for YouTube makeup tutorial and review

  19. Sir Osaka 360° rotation 5900/- is better or not?

  20. Thankyou for the comparison. I just purchased the Smooth Q2. I also have a Akaso action camera based off one of your reviews. Where can I get that little adapter plate to convert my phone gimbal to action camera?

  21. The Hehem app on iOS is complete garbage! There's a reason it only gets 1.5 stars on the App Store. Buggy, crash-prone, frequent disconnects, eats HUGE amounts of phone storage just for the app, and worst of all its motion lapse functionality JUST DOESN'T WORK. At all. Start and stop points are ignored, random paths occur, just useless junk. The hardware itself seems fine for the price, but the app is useless.

  22. domn, does all of three gimbles fit with DSLR please?

  23. I have the mate 20x which is too big for it's own good can any one of those hold my phone in terms of weight and width I don't want to get one and have it not fit

  24. i have a question.

    i want to record skiing on terrain parks. There are a lot of jumps and i want my quality to be stable. It is hard to record stable with just my hands with the jumps. Any recommendations? Mulțumiri!

  25. Is Zhiyun,a good option for android phones.I had heard,Zhiyun's app is only friendly to i Phone and not Android

  26. Which one supports the iPhone case?

  27. Does Zhiyun has portrait mode ? Without any hand angle ?

  28. How can you give a review when you haven't done a full review on the Osmo 3 ?

  29. Doesnt the q2 have a wide lens mode? 3 clicks makes the arm postion to be out of the way?

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