ROG Phone 2 Durability Test! – Most Powerful Smartphone?

Its time to durability test the ROG Phone 2! You can get 15% off those Raycon’s HERE: The base is strong, the headphones are loud, and they stay in my ears great! Thanks to Raycon for sponsoring this video. The ROG 2 is the most powerful gaming smartphone on the market right now, and quite possibly the most feature rich smartphone in general. Asus and their Republic of Gamer lineup has once again made a pretty awesome phone. Today we are going to find out if its durable. Considering how thick it is, and how well the ROG 1 phone did last year, its pretty safe to say we know how this one is going to turn out. (To be honest… I’m more excited for the teardown.) But first things first! We cant let this major ROG 2 smartphone go untested.

Current ROG Phone 2 Pricing:
Here is the OLD ROG 1 Price:

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  1. i do infact play some games on my Phone, but mostly Puzzle/Strategy type stuff and even the actioney type games aren't really all that fast, so basically nothing that would really benefit from the higher Refresh Rate. i wouldn't mind the Refresh Rate for the main Operating System and such to feel way smoother, though.
    however my Phone is even 1440p@5.5" so the Pixel Density of this ROG Phone leaves me with something to be desired anyways.

  2. Make video on Realme XT mobile phone…

  3. Can we plz get him to test the Xiaomi A3

  4. Ser iwant that pnohe 😔🤫

  5. Lods nice video I'm Filipino😘

  6. 0:17 the way he removes the plastic is so satisfying and I have no idea why

  7. Please😫🙏🙏💓 give it to me

  8. Yeah, A lot of suffering a old phone when playing games

  9. can i have it? 😁😁😁

  10. I seriously just want someone to dip this in water so i can see if it just has an unidentified IP rating

  11. Im actually impressed by the durability of this phone

  12. i think the worst part is when he goes around the phone with a razor scraching it. gives me anxiety

  13. I want to see what level 8 and 9 do to the screen, he always writes them on but never scratches under them!!!!

  14. jiwa misquin ku menggebu gebu..

  15. iPhone 6s best phone ever. Been gaming on it for 3+years. Wouldn’t change a thing

  16. What do you do with the phones after testing

  17. You don't do the thing your fans request. Therefore, no unsubscribed! Sure you will loose many more because of the same reason! Not that I think you care!

  18. We want teardown of Asus ROG phone 2. Please

  19. Super easy barely an inconvenience

  20. berikan saya saja mister, daripada di rusak.untuk bermain game pubg & cod..😢🙏

  21. Please give ROG phone I'm from Philippines

  22. We want to see you when you are bending the phone

  23. do a grand prime plus teardown pls

  24. Because glass is glass and glass can break🙌

  25. Aaah that startup sound :/

  26. This isnt a durablitity test , nodoby scratches their phone with such things or uses lighter on it. Drop that phone from good height , then we hv the durablity test

  27. I dont why people dislikes his videos..

  28. The chip inside it isn't just SD 855+

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