Samsung Галактика - Флип против Галактики Фолд

Samsung Галактика - Флип против Samsung Галактика Сложить Полное сравнение в том числе практический размер, Отображения, Дизайн, камера, Аккумулятор производительности & Цена.
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Галактика Samsung и Flip имеет 6.7″ Складной стеклянный дисплей,Двойные камеры, 12MP Первоначальное общество, 12MP Ultra Wide, 10MP Селфи камеры, Квалкомм Львиный зев 855+, 8ГБ оперативной памяти, 256GB Хранилище, 3300батарея mAh, Датчик отпечатков пальцев, Беспроводная зарядка и беспроводная PowerShare.

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46 Комментарии
  1. Правильно, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Fold? Which is your pick? 🤔

  2. Is SuperSaf an octopus how many hands do you really have?

  3. I still like the folds form facter better I want the next fold to be like the original but slightly smaller and with a glass screen and beter specs and a smaller selfie camera

  4. Galaxy flip looks more girls phone or can I say feminine

  5. the market or demand for Tablets is tiny (1 of the main reasons the Fold is a failure), the Galaxy Z Flip and the Moto Razr are a much better options & something everyone wants (a regular cell phone).

  6. Galaxy fold it's a phone unfolded into a tablet
    Galaxy flip Is a phone that becomes smaller.

    But I just want the s9 back. That was a good phone

  7. Now just my theory. What if they eventually release two foldable phones each year. The Flip series along with the S series, and the Fold with the Note series. Not impossible with a premium developer like Samsung.

  8. Glasstic: glass with plastic stronger than plastic and more bendy than glass

  9. Wow wow OMG! what the "flip"
    The return of the fold!!
    2020 will surely be a FlipFolding year! 😍👏🙌

    A big massive thumbs 👍 up for ma homie ..great video SuperSafStyle.. Спасибо

    подобно, Предоставить общий доступ, Подписывайся
    Peace 👊

  10. Samsung Fans: Галактика и флип, Galaxy Fold
    Apple Fans: still waiting on our apple slice 😆

  11. I personally like what Microsoft is doing. Two screens that are split.

  12. I would like to have galaxy fold than z flip, but both are amazing.

  13. I imagine doing screen replacements on this to be quite difficult..

  14. I wish Moto got snap855 8Gram 128Gstorage and Samsung Amoled screen not BOE screen
    I feel sorry but it is wholly untrustworthy 😞
    But I really love the design
    Anyway I'm gonna buy Z flip

  15. Или… and I know this might be a crazy ideayou can just get a regular smartphone with the screen readily available instead of dicking around with a pointless flip design that serves 0 purpose. у меня есть 0 idea wtf the appeal of this thing is. We only needed flip phones back when touchscreens weren't a thing and we needed physical keyboards. Now that it's not a problem, this design is 100% pointless outside of appealing to nostalgia.

  16. z flip is not the second generation of the fold but it is on a different category. The second generation of the fold will be coming out with a stylus soon according to the rumors.

  17. Imagine folding that shit 2 раз .
    First fold
    Then flip inward

  18. Anyone else notice he has 3 hands in the thumb nail

  19. апрель 2020 is when the Fold will be getting Android 10.

  20. Интересно, если есть складной протектор экрана для него тоже ..

  21. Btw получил мой раз вокруг 1500 Usd.

  22. The prices for this year's Samsung flagship phones are absolutely ludicrous.

  23. Сложить владельца здесь, его до сих пор differet чувство, если у вас есть телефон и планшет в одном.

  24. действительно братан? действительно братан 5 cameras is overkill? As long as each of them serve a purpose hell put more for or I care, I dont complain about having more options and choices. Put in a macro lens, fisheye lens, super tele lens, whatever, as long as there's more options for me to use my camera then WHY NOT? at least its not that Light L16 phone that had the entire back filled with cameras. That one is overkill, the Fold is no where near being overkill with cameras. 2 of the cameras is already in the front?

  25. If the Samsung Galaxy Fold didn't exist and I didn't already own the Fold, then maybe. But I have the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it's better in my opinion, cause I look at it as a Tablet that folds into a Phone. I don't have any of the problem with the size, when it's closed and in my Pocket. It's more convince, I do wish that I had the Glass Display. I'll live though. Both Phone are Amazing, I won't knock the Z Flip. I just rather have a Tablet that turns into a Phone.

    Now it would be Nice if Samsung did a Replacement Display Recall to replace the Samsung Galaxy Fold Plastic Screen to replace with their new Glass Screen Display. Maybe adjust the notch on inner Display and instead it a Hold Punch like the S 20 Ultra or Note 10 плюс. It's wishful thinking, but a guy can Dream, you know. Other than that, I Love my Samsung Galaxy Fold, I won't trade it in for anything, but a newer version of the Fold. Until then, it's stuck with me…Лол.

  26. Wow ~~AWESOME 😍😍😍

  27. https://youtu.be/Zj4x2MLfS0QSamsung galaxy flip is a bid upgrade for the foldable phone.samsung had understand what they had wrong in fold and fold they improved completely even changing to a clampfold dezine from folding. we can also say that zflip is a direct competitor for moto razer and other foldable phone coming out in 2020.
    but Samsung had done it's part by bringing amazing phone like the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra.

    z flip don't have any crazy features like 100X zoom like in s20 ultra. but this different in innovation to smartphone world

  28. Flip. The Fold is ugly. I'd pick the Fold if they refined it a bit. I don't like the camera placement, the creasing and I don't like the screen when it's folded shut. Feels like a bezel.

  29. Sure smartphones can fit most pockets, but notwomen’s jeans

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