Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 Weeks Later

Lisa Gade follows up on her initial review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s second folding phone. How is the ultra thin glass display (with polymer on top) holding up? After the novelty wears off, is it still a phone that she’d want to use as a daily driver in place of a Samsung Galaxy S20, Note 10+ or iPhone 11 Pro Max? How the heck do you answer and end calls with this reimagined flip phone? It’s all here in this video. Thanks to our video’s sponsor, Gizmogo- visit them to sell your tech gear: . Here’s our initial Galaxy Z Flip review that covers are all the bases in standard review format: .


  1. the real challenge is how to put a folding screen protector

  2. the one and only good thing about this phone is, that the fingerprint sensor is on the side and not the front or even worse the back

  3. I love your reviews..simple and straight to the point..

  4. even though i find all folding phones to be a bad idea for now.
    the mate x/xs is by far the best of them all.

  5. Thanks for the update on this! I'm looking forward to Corning's "real" bendable glass screen phones later this year. Hopefully they will fix the hyper fingerprint happy issue. It will be cool to see the day that a flagship phone has a bending screen!

  6. for 1300 bucks you get a phone that isn't very durable, has specs that should cost 500 bucks or less. This tech really needs a few iterations to become viable for mainstream

  7. Lisa gets a thumbs up from me the moment she starts talking!

  8. Excellent follow up review – you covered all the questions and susoicions I have about the flip.

  9. If you buy this phone you know what you are getting, just saying. It does require more care than normal phones but it is so refreshing and a joy to use.

    I really think you should have much more subscribers, absolutely love your review style!

  10. I miss the old Nokia Communicator.

  11. Solution looking for a problem

  12. Is this Leslie winkle from Big Bang Theory?

  13. Lisa middle aged? Never. I'd give you 28 tops 🙂

  14. The samsung nintendo DS

  15. I love my Z Flip, and it makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max in my other pocket feel like a surfboard in my pocket

  16. Excellent review Lisa! Maybe a long-term one would be good to better evaluate the "glass" screen and hinge mechanism durability.

  17. extremely uncomfortable device.

  18. These flip phones are a breath of fresh air, sick too death of these ridiculously oversized phones.

    In the next year we will see lots of other manufactures brining folding phones onto the market at realistic prices 😊🇬🇧

  19. Lisa: don't open it up like a 2005 flip phone.
    Linus Tech Tips: watch me

  20. Have you been doing this long? I ask because you're a natural, enjoyed your review thanks.

  21. that gizmogo thing is garbage. $472 for a Note 10+ that's like new?? Samsung gives you $700 for that in a trade in

  22. LOL. I'm glad to hear you don't attack your phones with picks. 🙂

  23. Just do see the point of this phone

  24. Can say goodbye to iPhone in 2-3 years.

  25. Love your reviews, and how honest but enthusiastic you are! Would love a review comparing the apple and Samsung smart watches (say 1 month after you've tried both)

  26. You are my favorite reviewer. Love your honest unbiased opinions. I've been using the Z Flip for a few weeks now and I love it. And yeah……my Note has conked me in the face more than a few times.

  27. Thanks again Thing 1 ! 👍

  28. Another great video Lisa. You are closing in on 1 million subs!

  29. You seem like a nice lady. But this is a gimick and whoever's honors this is acting like a sheep. It's actually pointless and humans are just coming up with ways to justify this. It's not acceptable. The fold is the only justifiable phone for display reasons. But making a phone screen smaller than it is or folding it up to fit in ones pocket is in nice terms total bs.

  30. Amazing that finally something is happening on smartphone market 🙂 I will switch to Fold 2-3rd gen or something like Microsoft Duo but would prefer it with Samsung OneUI also!

  31. How bad is your OCD that you feel you must clean fingerprints off your phone? I have never though "omg fingerprints, must clean them".

  32. Love the idea, hate the price, it's just too much for what it delivers.

  33. How many T-shirts have you got Lisa, and are you reviewing the Huawei Mate XS.

  34. I like the review, very useful, but I gotta be honest … I can only listen to it being called the “ZEE” Flip so many times. I realize that’s how you people say Z, but … <shudder> 🙂

  35. Great content as always!

  36. I didn't knew this channel and I'm pretty satisfied with the way you talk about the device, no over-hyped boot licking kind of reviews, more focused on the important points like how to handle the device and the screen, display good and bad things, good work my lady, real reviews

  37. what a great. video thank you

  38. She is not just one of the best reviewers out there, but NO ONE can touch the level of her tee-shirt collection.

  39. The pop up headlights of smartphones. Aka “The Future”

  40. I really want this phone but I only want to pay $500 because what I think it's worth, so I'll be waiting a while. 😉

  41. This phone is not practical evrry day phone

  42. IT IS A CRIME that this channel doesn't have at least 1 Million subscribers.

  43. Regardless the screen is soft not durable!

  44. OMG… the faceplant!!!
    It Hurts! Note 8 with an Otterbox.

  45. This type phone is trash. You can't even put cases on them to protect them. Lol.

  46. i don't get the abuse tests where they poke, burn, bend with extensive force and whatever. thats not simulating real world normal use.

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