Realme 6 Review with Pros & Cons – Ideal Mid Range Smartphone?

Now the price is increased to fourteen thousand because of the GST and now have been actually using this for almost two weeks. So I’ll give you my overview about this. What I feel is good about this and what are some of the cons that I have no tested with this device. I mean […]

Xiaomi Mi 5S Review (English)

Me. 5S now has a Snapdragon 801 processor, which is the fastest you can get on Android. At the time of this review. It now has NFC support a new alloy air housing, as you can see, no more glass and what we have lost as the IR blaster from the top is gone. We […]

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Review – DSLR Bokeh In Your Pocket

You can see now. That’S got a hybrid two: dual camera setup for depth of field shots, and this particular model that I have is powered by a Hallyu x.25 and has a 64 gigabyte to run let’s have a look and see if it’s any good. The ribbon Pro has a 1080p screen. It […]

ASUS Zenfone 3 Ultra Review (ZU680KL) Full In-Depth With Gaming & Camera Review

Literally, this is loose in foam. Three ultra here has a six point: eight inch screen. I will consider that almost a tablet, because seven inches is a tablet this isn’t that far off, but you can put this one here in your pocket. Well, that is, if you have extra large pockets, the phone […]

UMI Super Review – Helio P10 4GB Smartphone

UMI Super review 5.5″ Helio P10 with 4GB of RAM. I got this from here: Timecodes below: 01:04 – Screen Sunlight Test 02:58 – Benchmarks, 4G Speeds & GPS 04:37 – Battery Life And Charge time 05:19 – Quick Launch Button 05:54 – Fingerprint Reader 07:02 – Cameras With Samples. 08:51 – Audio Quality […]