Hohem iSteady X – The Most Compact iPhone/Smartphone Gimbal Yet? : REVIEW

Now, though, they’ve revised the design making a more portable solution for smartphones that is steady X and that portability comes thanks to a folding design. While this isn’t the first phone gimbal with a folding design, it’s very simple to unfold and get running untwist a thumb screw to unlock and extend the arm […]

Hohem iSteady X Review w/ iPhone 11 Pro – The Lightest Smartphone Gimbal

As you can see, this gimbal is really tiny. It is just 18 centimetres tall when collapsed, and it only weighs 249 grams. Smartphone filmmaking is, in my opinion, all about the convenience and portability. So I think that this is a major advantage. The build quality on the ice to the X is definitely […]

Hohem iSteady X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer [Review & Unboxing]

Life memories in stew were the content on the home ice teddy ax handheld, three axis gimbal, the retail packaging looks stunning. It is vivid and well packed with many of the key functions detailed on the box. This product was unveiled at the CES 2020 exhibition in Vegas. It is surely interesting new release […]

Zhiyun Smooth X – Compact iPhone / Smartphone Gimbal with Selfie Pole! : REVIEW

The Zeon smooth X Zion are no new players to the gimble seen with various other units in their portfolio. Although the smooth x is their most portable unit yet and promotes a whole host of extra features when paired alongside its companion app and that portability comes thanks to a folding design, while this […]