Arturo es el mismo telfono que el ao pasado ser, no sera, claro, o sea es que hay, cosas muy parecidas de verdad, lo digo vamos, a ir con este anlisis con esta review y os prometo que al final del vdeo salen de dudas, 5 diferencias Msica y Yo que tena ganas de probar […]

Honor Magic 4 Pro Review – Can You Get it?

So we are talking about this phone right here. This is the honor magic 4 pro and ive had my sim card in it for the better part of three, maybe even four weeks now so weve got a lot of testing time in with this phone and, interestingly enough, this is actually the first […]

Samsung Galaxy A13 | Review & Unboxing

So lets dive straight in so first up you can see the packaging is rather slim, which means no charging brick in the box. You do get a cable under sim ejector tool. Any charger youve had previously will work fine, but be aware that you will need to add buying one to your budget […]

Realme 9 Pro+ | My Experience | Under 20K | Flipkart | Malayalam | GiveAway

So this is a giveaway, also Music share this video Music, its a very nice phone and its a very good deal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqs8Q1KIMQU

Google Pixel 6 pro handset- Full review is it worth it?

This is why google has come up with the amazing google pixel 6 pro device, with a 6.7 inch display weighing 210 grams, which shows of a new design language for google pixel. It comes with a bolder curves and lines, but we covered glass around the back and front of the phone all projected […]

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Review ! Seri A Terbaik Dari Harga Dibanding Performanya

Ultra steady video rekam video pakai Vodka, penting banget, meskipun output, videonya nanti di full SD karena kita bisa lakukan, cropping ataupun pensiun tanpa mengurangi kualitas videonya dengan adanya, Pro video kita bisa Set manual, untuk fokus iso white balance, dan exposure, agar hasil, video tidak, berubah, warna, dan Kecerahannya saat diare yang kita, ambil […]

Pixel Paling Murah ! Google Pixel 6a Review 🔥

I want to review a little special phones, that is, google pixel 6a. This is a full review since ive been using this, as my main daily driver during my vacation in Terengganu back to my hometown and then ive paired it with my other devices, such as TicWatch 3, Pro for detecting my daily […]

Motorola Edge 30: muita potência e alguns equívocos – Review Tecnoblog

com polmico ad30 pro para rivalizar com, a linha Galaxy S, 20 e 24 meses depois do lanamento, do flagship, Agora, a vez de concentrar, esforos, no ad30 um aparelho de Gama. Mdia e que pode ser uma alternativa para quem, no pode, investir, no modelo pro a empresa ainda entregue uma ficha tcnica equilibrada […]

Sony Xperia 1 IV Review: Major Overheating.😔

The sony xperia one mark iv, probably my most favorite phone in the last year – definitely rivals my appreciation for the pixel six and six pro in different ways. I dont think theres a fifteen hundred ninety nine dollar phone. I i really think that theyre shooting way over the moon for that theyre, […]

Oukitel WP19 Review: 21,000mAh Battery Monster

We also received this monster not long ago. It doesnt have a lot of stuff in the box, a 33 watt charger with a type c port, a bunch of menus and a pin c2c charging cable no case, but this phone doesnt need a case either. When i picked up the phone – oh […]