Infinix ZERO 8 Smartphone Review – Just One Thing…

This right here is the infinix zero, eight, a pretty affordable phone from a somewhat unknown company, but the phone that brings some flagship, specs and features to the entry level market. So for specs we get the mediatek g90tt. We have eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, not to mention […]

Smartphone Review "Smartphones are Boring now."

All look. The same smartphones are done. The end of smartphones has arrived, you’ll have seen at least one headline that looks something like this. I think they’re all wrong. I think there’s very good reason to be excited about smartphones right now, i’m gon na give you nine of them, so foldable phones are […]

Smartphone Review Best Smartphones of 2020 – It's Not What You Think!

Some of the best phones on the market right now, but this is a different year. You know a lot of people are struggling, a lot of people are not buying super expensive phones, and i feel like this year, especially there are so many great devices between the 350 and 700 price point that […]

Vivo X50 Pro Smartphone Review || Smartphone Review Tamil

Nama already Ursula, updated number channel a coup through comb, but deal in the helm. Full specification, Jenna up danger the forum epochal Elia, so in agreement, the video line in the vivo X 50 Pro in the mobile app Athena there. If you offer to the park opera bunker vehicle Apollo, vivo X, 50 […]