World's Lightest/Compact Smartphone Gimbal! Hohem iSteady X Review.

The is steady mobile plus if you haven’t, seen that click on the card here on the top left corner of your screen, to check that one out today, I’m gon na be reviewing their brand new candor that just came up. It is called the ice steady X. Now this is known as a […]

CASE REVIEWS without a Smartphone, is that OK or IS THAT A NO NO? (Vlogin)

This video appreciate your time. Your support, 1080p 60 frames per second with the lgb 60 utilizing the front facing camp. I wanted to do this vlog and talk a little bit about case reviews. Reviewing cases for smartphones you don’t have. I don’t have if I’m asked to review a case for smartphone, I […]

Realme 6i Review + Unboxing: Affordable Gaming Smartphone?

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Worlds first REAL 144FPS Gaming review Red Magic 5G 144Hz smartphone! HDMI MHL TV/Monitor/heating

This is crazy, honestly, unbelievable of a combination. Perfect perfect combination, red magic 5g with the gaming monitor from xiaomi xiaomi me surface. You have even had the buy links in description. Both of these products are new just selling under 600. Each. Basically, each remember that a gaming monitor is 500 red magic. 5G […]