World's Lightest/Compact Smartphone Gimbal! Hohem iSteady X Review.

The is steady mobile plus if you haven’t, seen that click on the card here on the top left corner of your screen, to check that one out today, I’m gon na be reviewing their brand new candor that just came up. It is called the ice steady X. Now this is known as a […]


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X27 Plus Smartphone From Wish – Review and Disassembly

Today, I have been see wish because you guys tell them to get cheap, smart friend from wish and then take it apart. The no because you’re, weird but I’m doing that today so keep your hair’s on right. Today we have got the X 27 plus android 8.0 smartphone, with five point: eight inches […]

Hohem iSteady X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer [Review & Unboxing]

Life memories in stew were the content on the home ice teddy ax handheld, three axis gimbal, the retail packaging looks stunning. It is vivid and well packed with many of the key functions detailed on the box. This product was unveiled at the CES 2020 exhibition in Vegas. It is surely interesting new release […]

Infinix Note 7 Unboxing and Review – The Biggest Smartphone Screen in 2020

You see the infinite 7 proves to have more distinctive features than its immediate aunt incident, and the one before that in this video I’ll be showing the new features that make it stand out from the Infinix Note devices before it and even other well known devices. So without further delay, let’s scan the […]

Best Budget Smartphone ..? | Infinix Hot 9 On Flipkart Unboxing & Review | Tech Unboxing 🔥

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Moto G Fast and Moto E 2020 Smartphone launched Price, Review and Specifications | Infra Tech

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Redmi Note 7pro | Live Unboxing & Review Cheapest Smartphone

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Motorola One Fusion Plus Smartphone launched Price, Review and Specifications | Infra Tech

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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Review – DSLR Bokeh In Your Pocket

You can see now. That’S got a hybrid two: dual camera setup for depth of field shots, and this particular model that I have is powered by a Hallyu x.25 and has a 64 gigabyte to run let’s have a look and see if it’s any good. The ribbon Pro has a 1080p screen. It […]