Mi A3 Android One Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

So, as you can see over here, as you can see, here are some of the specs. It says that it comes with the AMOLED screen. Now, yes, it comes with an omelette screen, but it’s a HD screen and it’s broken by Gorilla Glass and that, apart from the triple camera, we also have […]

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review – The Best Android One Smartphone in India?

Smart phones in the sub 20000 rupees segment at its time. But it had a few major shortcomings, notably it was missing on the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the storage wasn’t expandable. Now the me III has a both of them, but has Xiaomi skimp out on anything else. Well, we input the me […]

Review: DJI OSMO 3 is a More Powerful & Compact Smartphone Gimbal!

It is Andrew here from Apple Insider, and today we are checking out the DJI Osmo mobile three and yes, this is it. It is a way more compact device and more powerful a device, and it ever has been in the past. But there are a lot of changes to this third generation gimbal, […]

Benro 3XS Lite Smartphone Gimbal Review

This is a gimbal for your smartphone. I’Ve got my iPhone 10 s max connected to it inside the box. You do get a charging cable. You also get a user manual to get you up and running this guides you through installing your smartphone installing the software and obviously connecting and calibrating the gimbal. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: A Premium Smartphone

1 oat line is definitely known for having bigger phones – and you know this is the note 10 plus so it’s a little bit extra big, but Therefore, the power user, so someone that likes a lot of battery that they can fit in you’ve, also got a bigger screen. So, if you’re big […]

The LG V50 Smartphone Has Two Screens!

Think you from LG call me crazy. I think this is the first 5g device we’ve had on the show. Is that correct, we’ll yeah? I think it is will flagship level type of specs. It’S got the 855 Snapdragon in it over here. This makes it quite a bit different. The dual screen accessory […]

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Review | Best Smartphone Gimbal for Instagram?

While filming you move, you focus on the action and the camera stays Rocksteady in position. No more shaky unprofessional footage like this. Instead, almost butter smooth recordings like this, hey, you guys what’s up it’s me again, Tom from TTT Tom’s tech time, welcome to a new episode. Today I want to introduce the […]

Alcatel 3 2019 Smartphone Review

This is the Alcatel 3. The specifications on this are absolutely amazing. As you know, with my reviews, I don’t go through all of the specifications, but I will tell you the main ones: it’s got 5.9 inch, HD plus screen 19 5 to 9 aspect ratio. Sorry, an octa core processor, 64, gigabytes of […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the most fun smartphone to use in 2019

Let’S talk about what you’re getting for your money. This thing is not cheap. Its 1099 bucks you’ve got a great camera in your pocket, although it’s, actually not the best, and the phone is really fast. Although technically it’s not the fastest, but none of that matters, the note 10 is Samsung’s. Best phone […]

NEW MyPhonak Smartphone App Review | Phonak Marvel 2.0 Hearing Aids

0 myPhonak, smartphone, app., Comin’, up., upbeat music, Hi, guys Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix Arizona and on this channel. I cover a bunch of hearing related information to help make you a better informed consumer.. So, if you’re into that make sure you hit that subscribe, […]