Realme XT Unboxing & First Look – World's First 64MP Quad Camera Smartphone🔥🔥🔥

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Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner Review | GEAR REVIEW TURBO

Apparently it was a Kickstarter back in 2013. I really didn’t know anything about it or follow it at the time either way it’s sold for 60 bucks and it was recently on sale for 40. So I bought one Alex, who is one of my discord? Homies brought this scanner to my attention shout […]

Benro X 3XS Lite 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Full Review With Sample Footage

This is Larry welcome. Back to today, I feel like calm today, we’re going to take a look at the Benro X. This is the three XS light version. This is a smartphone three axis gimbal we’re gon na check it out see how it performs. So here we go alright, so as we do, […]

Mi A3 Android One Smartphone Review with Pros & Cons

If you want to know a jungle overview of this one, you can check out my unboxing in this video. Will directly jump between the pros and cons? What do I like about this phone and what are the things that are annoying me on this one? And if you look at the specs, this […]

Fairphone 3 Review – A Fully Modular Smartphone !

It features a modular design, stock, Android 9 and is made out of fair traded resources, recycled plastic and comes from a fair factory. Who pays the work as well? I found his project quite interesting and I still remember the release of the fairphone 2. A few years ago today in this video we’ll […]


We will be launching later robotically. No, I Lingam smartphone users in that Cleopatra Mariota, brand Liliana, BBK, electronics, indicator prolific in the operator sub brandonna early and me in the whenever people, when they out of price segment in the pilot denial of the world mikachu features in the character. I luv indomina users […]

Samsung Galaxy A80 review – is this the ultimate 'all screen' phone?

The ultimate all screen designed this side of dual display phones did Samsung nail it well before this puppy here we’ve had a fair share of crazy ideas. Like white notches. Sorry, Apple narrow, notches, moved to v shaped and doodle plans with sliders pop up cameras, shark fins display holes and finally, thanks to […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Camera Review – The Best Cameras on a Smartphone?

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Rollei Hear:Me mini Smartphone (Review) Deutsch

Fr kameras leider nicht, fr die a 6000 weil die hat ja, keine klinken eingang, aber zum beispiel auch fr die canon 600d geeignet und zwar habe ich mir gestern nach langem suchen nicht nur. Her habe ich hier was gekauft ja. Ich habe mir selber gekauft und zwar habe ich mir gekauft das hallo […]

Feiyu Tech SPG 2 Review – Premium Smartphone Gimbal

Most manufacturers are focusing on the budget smartphone gimbal. Nowadays these are made of plastic. They usually miss some important features like the trigger and they are usually very bulky. This is where I’m glad to see this old school fail tech SPG I have tested with Samsung Galaxy S 9 and GoPro Hero 7 […]