Asus ROG Phone 2 Review: The Spec King!

So the question is: how well do specks on paper, translate to real world use in a phone and is pretty much the perfect phone to find that out? This is one of those phones that people sent me a whole lot to check out because well I made that dream phone video a little […]


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Top 5 Phones Above 50000 in September 2019। Smartphone Reviews

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Oppo Reno 2Z Review – Don't Buy This Smartphone Before Watching This Video

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Ulefone Armor X3 Rugged Android Smartphone (Review)

This smartphone aspire a brand called Olli phone. The model number is ARMA x3 it’s, a rogue Android smartphone now, obviously by the design of it, it’s designed for basically for builders, ok or those who drop the phones. A lot this will protect you from breaking it because of the design and the rug […]

Cubot J7 Android Smartphone (Review)

This smartphone aspire brand called Cuba, modern numbers j7 and it’s an Android smartphone. Now this is a budget and budget price. Smartphone purchased one for up around the price of 70 to 80 pounds nuclear currency. Now why he comes if he comes in here and silicone case, because you wouldn’t really find this […]

Oppo Reno 2Z Review – Best Smartphone Under Rs. 30,000?

The Reno to Z has an old display front with thin borders on the top and sides, though the bottom bezel is thicker. The AMOLED display on the reno 2z measures, 6.5 inches diagonally and has good viewing angles, and it does get bright enough to be visible outdoors. Their display is vivid and you […]

Realme XT Review: Best Smartphone Under Rs 20,000?

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vivo V17 Pro Hindi Review | SIX Cameras on a Smartphone 😱

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Xiaomi Mi A3 Review – Extremely Good Budget Smartphone

A budget two mid range smartphone start from around 195 days to the me a3, just under 200 pound, the 64 gigabyte version. So, for me it is a budget device and an extremely good budget device. Snapdragon 665 Adreno 610, 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage, 6.0 8 inch AMOLED display, […]